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MPE IDL Cloudy Environment

© photo: mouse@horns

In april 1996, 5 months after the launch of ISO, MPE hired me to develop a user-friendly package of IDL routines that would facilitate the use of the photo-ionization code Cloudy -- and consequently the interpretation of the spectra relayed to us from the ISO satellite.

After a development phase of 1.5 years, the package was more or less complete by the end of 1997. Since then only small modifications were needed -- most of them triggered by updates to the Cloudy code and as a result from special wishes from local users.

The package currently available offers the following functionalities:

external SEDs visualized with PLOT_ATMOS continua computed by CLOUDY visualized with PLOT_CONT
Ionization structure of Sulphur visualized with PLOT_ION Emissivity structure of Oxygen visualized with PLOT_EMISSIV
Ratio of 10.51um[S IV]/18.7um[S III] visualized with PLOT_2D_FLUXES Ratio of 18.7um[S III]/33.5um[S III] visualized with PLOT_2D_FLUXES
Unfortunately, I have little time for user support, since I'm working full-time on my PhD thesis. I will of course take time to correct any bugs that you might find! Other than that, you are "on your own".

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